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Info on water resistance

On this page you will find some important information about water resistance of watches that we always recommend our customers to read.

In the watches market, one has chosen to define water density as ATM, so you will see expressions like 3 ATM, 5 ATM, 10 ATM, etc. in the product descriptions that you find on each product. You should therefore look at the graphics below to see what the watch can withstand.

Unfortunately many who believe that watches which are water resistant to 5 ATM can withstand up to 50 meters, but it is a big misunderstanding, so you should always follow our instructions below. A dive watch must be water resistant to at least 20 ATM to be used for diving. On watches with 20 ATM, the air between the glass and dial is removed, creating a vacuum and thus avoiding the occurrence of condensation on the glass.

Furthermore, it is important for us to emphasize that even if a watch can be used for swimming or showering, we generally discourage all contact with water, because the water you bathe in may contain lime, dirt or chlorine which can harm the glass, strap and other parts on the watch, which could mean that the watch loses its fine gloss.

If you have questions about something about water resistance, contact our sales team.